Plant Management & Resources

Plant management for your industrial wastewater treatment

With over two decades of experience in the planning, construction, operation and optimization of wastewater treatment plants for highly contaminated industrial wastewater, you get a reliable partner on board to take care of the optimized operation of your new or existing wastewater treatment plant.

By permanently optimizing the operation of the plant technology, we reduce your operating costs and ensure planning security and a secure future for your company.


Operating resources and spare parts

We also provide support in the areas of:

Spare parts management and procurement as well as in optimized stock management

This also applies to other operating fluids such as defoamers, resins for ion exchangers, pre-filtration units, etc.

Selection, project planning and testing of operating equipment such as cleaners for ultra- and nanofiltration or

We would be pleased to carry out laboratory tests for you or support you in your own monitoring or monitoring of discharge limits.