Maintenance & servicing of your wastewater technology

Whether it’s maintenance, repair or inspection of your wastewater system: we take care of all the work involved and the entire coordination of your wastewater. And in doing so, we optimize parameters such as power consumption – in practice, we often save our customers more than 70% energy!

We take care of your system: Frequently required maintenance measures of systems such as control work, filter changes, bath maintenance, cleaning, refilling of operating materials as well as similar measures to reduce or prevent signs of wear. Control of the water parameters in the context of the self-control belongs here among other things naturally also to it.

Also included is the quarterly evaluation of the actual condition as well as an analysis of the optimization potential of your plants.

We take into account all preventive measures to keep your wastewater technology running optimally for as long as possible and to restore it in case of malfunctions.

In addition to the day-to-day operation of your plants, the focus is on cost optimization – we achieve 10% savings, year after year.