smart5 envitech and smart5 services​

The smart5 envitech is an environmental engineering company that provides water, wastewater and air emissions treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial activities.

We work with our clients to develop comprehensive solutions for environmental projects that include the following services: Analysis, planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance and supply of waste treatment equipment and capital equipment.

The smart5 services is a company focused on the operation of environmental engineering facilities.

Our expertise and focus is mainly on the optimization of existing plants.

Extensions, replacements and maintenance of existing plants are therefore always considered under an optimization potential.

We strive to provide the best solutions for the specific needs of our customers.

We founded smart5 in 2020 with 5 shareholders, all of whom have more than 20 years of experience in various areas of environmental technology.

This environmental technology network, consisting of specialists with many years of experience in their field, employs about 150 people.

    • smart 1

Operating wastewater plants since 1998 (UF and evaporators).

    • smart 2

Engineering office for environmental technology (air/water) since 1992

    • smart 3

Drinking water engineering and business optimization expertise since 1999

    • smart 4

Design, construction and optimization of wastewater plants (evaporators) since 1996

    • smart 5

Plant engineering since 1990 with focus on evaporators and ultrafiltration