Drinking water purification

Drinking water purification for 100-20.000 l/h

Our multi-stage purification systems for clean drinking water are suitable for operation e.g. on islands, rural regions without infrastructure. Our systems can be operated with or without photovoltaic option. It is a high quality filtration technology in combination with activated carbon filtration and UV disinfection to produce clean drinking water, this is also suitable for seawater desalination. 

We use a high quality, established filtration technology with robust high-tech membranes, depending on the application it is ultrafiltration technology or reverse osmosis systems. Our membrane systems are combined with activated carbon filters and UV disinfection and remove more than 99,9% of all microorganisms, bacteria, viruses etc.

Water from polluted and contaminated water sources such as rivers, lakes or even sea water can be treated. The systems can also be installed in hotels, apartment blocks, private houses, etc.


Decentralized domestic wastewater solutions


We can also provide decentralized treatment systems for domestic wastewater. Our small wastewater treatment plants work according to the proven fully biological SBR process and are suitable from 4 to 50 PE (PE = inhabitants), larger plants up to 5000 PE can be offered on request.

Our flexible technology is suitable for almost any installation situation. We can supply technical equipment for your own or existing tanks, as well as complete plants for concrete tanks or in plastic.

How does an SBR sewage treatment plant (SBR = Sequential Biological Treatment) work?

In SBR treatment technology, there is a separate primary sedimentation for the mechanical retention of coarse material and a biological activation and secondary sedimentation tank, a so-called SBR tank.

Our SBR small wastewater treatment plant purifies the inflowing wastewater in several cycles. The cleaning efficiency of small sewage treatment plants is up to 99 %. This plant technology thus falls far below the limits required by law.