Technical data sheet

Status: October 2023

The system performance and output quality can vary depending on the desired concentration level and properties of the process water.

smartMobileClean sMC2400

Smart, mobile wastewater treatment for the treatment, filtration and sludge dewatering of wastewater: wastewater from the cleaning of traffic routes, sports field cleaning, graffiti and much more.

Efficient processing

When cleaning outdoor surfaces such as synthetic sports pitches, a large number of contaminants are removed and can enter the environment via the wastewater. These include sludge, biological contaminants, coarse contaminants such as stones, branches and leaves, as well as microplastics and dyes from a "tartan" surface, for example. In addition to the sometimes considerable environmental impact, contaminated surfaces or synthetic sports pitches also have dangerous side effects in the worst case: The dirty surface becomes a slippery slope when it rains and can lead to dangerous injuries. Throughput capacity: The mobile compact system can treat up to 2,400 l/h of wastewater, depending on the degree of soiling.

Modular system

The cleaning process is also perfect for the environment because the dirty water is conveyed from the respective cleaning machine to the smartMobileClean sMC2400 mobile system, from where it is returned to the cycle clean and purified. Water savings of up to 80% can be achieved as a result.

State-of-the-art technology

The smartMobileClean sMC2400 is a compact and robust system consisting of 3 chambers with pumps, dosing stations and a sophisticated process water control system.